My birthday is fast approaching, and I am not excited.

I’m excited for the superpowers that come with this specific birth year: gambling, legally purchasing alcohol, being able to go to any club I want to (extracurricular or otherwise). But, I am not excited for the occasion, nor am I excited for what birthdays bring. Oftentimes, it is but a hallmark card congratulating you for existing.

And why, exactly, do I deserve that?

I’m only 21. I haven’t made it that far in life.

I mean, maybe if I made it to 50 we should start celebrating, but 21?

The truth is, following my definition of success, I am not yet successful.

People mock Lil Yachty and Lil Pump, but Lil Yachty is 20 and Lil Pump is only 17. What they have accomplished in their short lifespans is phenomenal, and it leaves me to ponder what has been and what will be of mine. I guess it all depends on how you view accomplishments and triumph.

To me, success is creating some form of art that is enjoyed by the masses, accompanied by wealth and fame. Art makes people happy, and wealth and fame open doors of opportunity to pursue any dream or ambition and to impact the world in a profoundly positive way.

I don’t need a birthday party, and I definitely don’t need to be congratulated on existing by a crowd of people who don’t truly know me.

I don’t need to be patted on the back by people doing it as a courtesy, and especially those who only remember because it popped up in their Facebook notifications.

However, it is nice to hear it from people you care about. It reaffirms that they are thinking about you, and the presents they bring are always a nice touch.

But, I still don’t need a spectacle. At least, not yet, because I am not yet satisfied with where I am in life. You can keep the cake for when I am — I’ll let you know.

What I can appreciate from a birthday is that turning a new age is entering into a new chapter of my life. Essentially, if you do the necessary work, you can enter a new you.

Everyone knew the Ariel at 20, but who is Ariel at 21?

Who knows where a new year of life will take you?

So, instead of celebrating these 21 years that have passed, let’s toast to the many that have still yet to come. Let’s toast to the new Ariel.


We may wish our existence is magnificent

That we are significant

A name said by all layman

With all different cadences

An Amen

We take for granted those who already make us exist

For we do not exist in isolation

If we did then we cannot understand our own existence

Because to exist is to be in the midst of other spirits

And to feel love from even one is significant

Since an Infant

Now we’d like our digital imprint

To convince us millions love us

Because of likes and shares of us

But it is those close to us

Who listen and care and hug us

Who are here for us

Who love us

Who show us

We exist